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+Duke Nukem Forever

+Escape From Tarkov

+Modern Warfare 2

+Portal 2

+Red Orchestra-Ostfront 41-45


+Titanfall 2

+War Thunder

+World of Tanks

+World of Tanks Blitz

+World of Warships

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[id:NUMBER] Lists the File with the id 'NUMBER', id's are unique.
[tag:NAME] Lists all Files that have the tag "NAME".
[tagid:NUMBER] Lists all Files that have the tag with the id 'NUMBER'.
[MIXED] Lists all Files that contain that Text in it's tag or filename or description.
[order:COLUM[:asc, :desc]] Sorts the results by 'COLUM'.
[shown:COLUM] Displays additonal 'COLUM' and it's values.
[or:MIXED] Joins the previus command with 'MIXED' using an 'or', default is 'and'. 'MIXED' can be command or 'ANY'.
More Search Options coming in the future.

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